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Chorus bucket delay line
Bucket Brigade delay lines are also known as "Analog" Shift Registers or ASRs. Instead of storing and shifting digital 1s or 0s from stage to stage through a digital shift register, BBD ASRs were made up of a bunch of capacitors, and the voltage (actually charge) could be moved from cap to cap through the shift register, finally coming out the other end, X clock cycles later.

So this is hybrid analog digital since it uses an analog input and output voltage, but it is discretely sampled in the time domain, and clocked from stage to stage by a digital clock.

This was cost effective technology to make short audio delays back in the '70s. it has since been obsoleted by digital delays that deliver better performance for less money. Long analog delay was difficult because the analog signal in the bucket brigade internal capacitors would degrade from being shifted through too many stages, or held in stages too long by a low frequency clock. Also the sampling clock had to be kept above 2x the desired passband frequency for accurate reproduction.

Old school technology..

slower chorus makes delay
faster chorus makes flanger
Distortion make the wave clip by cutting the tops of the wave off, thus creating a square wave like copy of the wave. Distorted sounds can not be undistorted, because information gets lost in the clipping process. Especially very intricate and small details are thrown away. The sound experience will also be that of a louder sound, but really it is not. The volume level meters actually do not change. Square waves having the same energy as sine waves will sound louder. Distortion also creats extra harmonics. It's a beautiful effect.

A "mild distortion" technique is used for a long time in advertisements, that's why the ads used to wake you up (while sleeping in front of the tv). Most "Remastered" cd's these days are mildly clipped versions of the 80's version, there's much discussion about it on the internet. One of the reasons is, they sound better in a car. Other reason is, the music attracts more attention. In reality, the sound quality is less.

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