Analog synthesis - Harmonics


The waves are generated with VCO-2 of the ARP2600, set to approx 500 Hz. The filter is wide open.
Side note: the SINE wave is a bit "biased", the SINE wave coming from the ARP2600 actually creates some harmonics. I did not want to show these harmonics, because they shouldn't be there in a SINE wave, so I filtered all the harmonics out to make a theoretically correct SINE graph.

The SAW wave of approx 500 Hz and its harmonics. The X-axis of the graph is between 0 Hz and 22.000 Hz.


Let's keep the green outline of the SAW and superimpose the outline onto the other wave forms.
The solid blue bars are the harmonics of the following wave forms.

The SQUARE wave and its harmonics.


The TRIANGLE wave and its harmonics.


The SINE wave and its harmonics (biased).


The 33% PULSE (= 1/3rd) wave and its harmonics.

pulse 33%

The 20% PULSE (= 1/5th) wave and its harmonics.

pulse 20%

The 10% PULSE (= 1/10th) wave and its harmonics.

pulse 10%

Made with the ARP2600 and the "Show Frequency Analysis"-screen of Adobe Audition.

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