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Audiobus 3 presets of your setups can be saved with all of the settings for hosted AU apps and IAA apps with Audiobus support that have state savings.
Audiobus State Saving means the IAA being hosted will have its settings saved when you save a preset for a setup in Audiobus 3. For example, a synth app would have the preset you were using saved when you save the setup as a preset in Audiobus.

Audiobus supports four kinds of clock sync:

See Audiobus settings

- Ableton Link:
Applications on devices connected to a local network discover each other automatically and form a musical session in which each participant can perform independently. It comes as a built-in feature of other music applications across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms (and Ableton Live). There are no Song Position or Start/Stop messages sent via Link, nor can any other MIDI data be sent. Link information is sent on both LAN and WLAN networks, as long as all devices are connected to the same network. Link is not supported over Bluetooth.

IAA vs AU v3

IAA - Inter App Audio   AU (v3) - Audio Units
It is is going to be deprecated in iOS 13... favour of Audio Units (AUv3).
the technology on which parts of the latest version
of Audiobus are currently built
sending audio from app to app   Apple's version of a VST plugin.
integrate a music app as plugin for another

VST-Plugin standards
Plugin standards.
VST - Virtual Studio Technology: most famous. VST version 2 and version 3 windows + mac
AU - Audio Units: Mac only
AAX - for Pro Tools windows + mac

  VST (win+mac) AU (mac) AAX (win+mac)
Studio One
v v  
Logic (mac)   v  
Pro tools (win+mac)     v

Audiobus support, IAA hosts
Some apps can be both
- IAA hosts and
- have Audiobus support so they can be hosted inside Audiobus.

- GarageBand can only be hosted inside Audiobus as output so you can route your audio from Audiobus into it.
- Others like Moebius Lab and apeMatrix can only be input sources.
- Some apps like AUM, Cubasis, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio, and modstep support input and output

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