Roland SH-01a


Menu system

Settings for firmware v1.08.
First, press the MENU button, selectable buttons are lit up.

Button Mode Setting Select Values Comment
1 Tone select Bank [Value] knob - Patch select
    select Patch [1..8] -  
    save Patch [1..8] long press -  
2 Pattern select Bank [Value] knob -  
    select Pattern [1..8] -  
    save Pattern [1..8] long press -  
3 Assign MONO [1] -  
    UNISON [2] -  
    POLY [3] -  
    CHORD * [4] -  
    CHORD VOICE 1 [5] always on can not be switched off
    CHORD VOICE 2 [6] on, off  
    CHORD VOICE 3 [7] on, off  
    CHORD VOICE 4 [8] on, off  
4 System select setting [Value]    
    Noise Mode nS.Md original
    LFO Mode LFO.M original
advanced = audio rate LFO
    Master Tune tUnE 430.0 - 450.0  
    MIDI Channel CH 1-16, off  
    MIDI Clock SYnC Auto
    Velocity vELO on (value played)
64, 127 (fixed)
    Velocity curve v.Crv L/M/H (Kb touch) Light, Medium, Heavy touch
    CC Output CCMd off, on  
    CV Scale Cv.SC -63 - 63 output scale of CV out
    CV Finetune -100 - 100 fine adjustment CV out
    CV Reference Note Cv.rF C0 - C4 octave steps
    Auto Off A.OFF off, 30 min  
    LED Demo dEMO off, 1, 3, 10 min  
    Ribbon scale r.SCL Chromatic .. Persian  
    C2 Modulation hold C2.Md off, on on is very handy
8 Manual Manual Man - Plays the current panel settings

Hold [VOICE]: show current value

Set pitch of voice:
- Play a key, or
- turn VALUE

Press [DOWN] [U&D] or [UP] and press some keus
- press [HOLD] to keep playing
- hold [KEY TRANSPOSE] and press a note (or turn [VALUE]) to transpose the arpeggio

To record a sequence: press LOAD
- every keyboard press adds a quarter note, display shows step number
- hold [LEGATO] and press a note to bind notes (no envelope resart)
- press [REST] to enter silence

If a sequence exists
- press [LOAD]
- turn [VALUE] to loop through the notes

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