Roland TR-707 and TR-727 - Sync

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Synchronizing the TR-707 or the TR-727

As a Master (default), the unit sends DIN, Tape and MIDI sync data, both in Track mode and in Pattern mode.
In a combined MIDI and DIN setup, the easiest way to work is to use the unit as a Master and let everything else Slave to the TR.

You can also Slave the unit, but only in Track Play mode. The sync-out possibilities will be maximized only in Tape sync mode.
- press [SHIFT] + [SYNC MODE] to select the Slave mode.

Slave display ---> sync out
from DIN "S-d" TR-707 Slaved ---
from MIDI "S-n" TR-707 Slaved ---
from Tape "S-t" TR-707 Slaved sends to DIN and MIDI
Master     sync out
--- --- TR-707 as Master sends to DIN, MIDI and Tape

To synchronise other MIDI (like a PC sequencer) or DIN units, set up the 707 as a Master. I had to make a Windows 98 installation to get the PC to slave to the TR-727 right. Windows XP did speed up the sync time to x2, so that was unusable.

More about synchronizing MIDI and DIN gear to tape sync from a TR-707.

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