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The CZ-5000 User Manual you find on the internet has a really bad quality, up to the point were the scan is so bad, the text is completely unreadable. It also happens that the scan of another Casio machine (which resembles the CZ-5000 very much), the CZ-3000, is of a much better quality.

So I took the job of comparing both manuals, and discovered that they are nearly exactly the same. Both machines only differ in the presence of a sequencer and the MT-socket, which the CZ-3000 lacks (the CZ-3000 has a MIDI THRU port where the CZ-5000 has an MT-port). So I replaced bad quality pages (and page parts) in the CZ-5000 manual with the good ones from the CZ-3000 manual. That means where the manual says "CZ-3000", you can read "CZ-5000". I also recreated parts of page 31, 32, 37, 46, 48 and 50 by hand (pdf numbering). The only drawback: the hard-numbered pages are not in sync any more with the pdf page numbering. However, the order of the pages is still correct. O well.

Interesting detail is, that the CZ-3000 manual has extra info about how to "use as a Multi-timbral Expander". This also works for the CZ-5000 but it's not present in its original manual, so I incorporated this into page 52.

Download Casio CZ-5000 user manual (high quality) (PDF, 20MB).

MIDI table

Page 49 (Send/Receive Data) of the manual.

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