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Save and load sequencer data


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tinyloops wrote:
>>Unfortunately, I could not find a way to request for the Sequencer data.

steve_the_composer wrote:
I was surprised to see this, since the send request and send receive sysex commands for sequencer data have been around since 1985.  The trick to getting multiple sysex packets which you might have not had is to pad the the request with a few more ack bytes than you need. (See below.)

The sysex manual shows how to do it with handshaking, but if you send the request for sequencer data with a bunch of extra acks, they will be pulled out of the incoming midi data buffer as needed.  I used to do this with the Cakewalk Dump Request Macro, but you can do it with midi-ox and I assume any other tool for sending sysex command and capturing the sequencer's midi packets.

I don't recall off hand if there was an issue with sending the captured sequences back.

Here's the Cakewalk DRM I used to use:

Casio CZ-5000 Sequencer=F0 44 00 00 70 14 61 70 31 70 31 70 31 70 31 70 31 70 31 70 31 70 31 70 31 70 31 70 31 70 31 F7

As I recall, that was enough ack byte pairs to get my longest sequencers from the CZ-5000. The basic DRM would just get you the 1st packet and them the CZ would wait for more acks [i.e., "Continue, please" commands].

Casio CZ Sequencer Send Request=F0 44 00 00 70 14 61 70 31 F7

It is really as simple as adding a bunch of extra 70 31 byte pairs.  If someone else here tells you otherwise, try it.

Thank you steve!

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