Roland MKS-50 - MC202 comparison

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Difference between a Roland MKS-50 and a Roland MC202

Yes this is a daring comparison, I know, but there are a lot of similarities between both machines in the signal flow. However the MKS-50 has more possibilities. Just to give some insight in both machines, here are the extra options in the MKS-50:
- the MKS is six 202's in one unit
- aftertouch on dco, vcf, vca
- modulation level based on the keyboard velocity for dco, vcf, vca
- noise (just like the SH-101, which is a copy of the 202 except for a few minor differences)
- and besides the square pwm, saw pulse width modulation (!)
- a high pass filter (with low freq boost)
- 7 envelope points
- inverted envelopes

And beside that:
- chorus
- patch and chord memory
- programmable via sysx using a generic control surface (or the dedicated PG-300)
- half the price (!)

Extra's in the 202:
- built in sequencer
- DIN sync splitter
- CV/GATE in and out
- built in control surface
- resonant filter

Missing on the MKS-50:
- self-oscillating resonance

Well, what are you waiting for.

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