Roland MKS-50 - B86 'what the' patch

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We know how the Hoover patch sounds, but how is it made?

Tone settings PARAM Possible values VALUE Explanation
DCO DCO RNG 32', 16', 8', 4' 32' Lowest pitch
  DCO LFO 0..127 00 No vibrato
  DCO ENV 0..127 127 maximum envelope modulation on the pitch
  DCO ENV Dynamics on/off + Normal or Inverted D (pos) normal Env with Velocity sense
  DCO AFTR 0..15 09 high vibrato effect on the aftertouch
  DCO BEND 0..12 05 not much effect from the pitch bender wheel
  PULSE 00, 01, 02, 03 03 03=PWM
  SAWTOOTH 00..05 03 03=PWM (yes PWM on the SAW, never seen it before)
  SUB 00..05 05 05=2 oct lower
  SUB LEVL 00, 01, 02, 03 03 03=loudest
  NOIS LVL 00, 01, 02, 03 01 01=soft level
LFO 2 PW / PWM 0..127 127 127=Widest possible Pulse Width Modulation
  PWM RATE 0..127 102 High speed of PW-Modulation from second LFO
HPF HPF FREQ 00, 01, 02, 03 00 00=lower frequencies emphasized
VCF VCF FREQ 0..127 77 a bit cut off
  VCF RESO 0..127 00 no resonance
  VCF ENV (DEPTH) 0..127 75 moderate vcf envelope modulation
  VCF ENV (MODE) Inv only, Normal with Dynamics on/off, Dyn only D (pos) normal Env with Velocity sense
  VCF LFO 0..127 75 some LFO on the VCF cut off
  VCF KYBD 00..15 11 follow cut off with keyboard
  VCF AFTR 00..15 09 aftertouch controls the cut off freq
VCA VCA LEVL 0..127 60 volume no too high, so no distortion
  VCA ENV Normal/Gate with Dynamics on/off D (pos) velocity controls the volume normally
  VCA AFTR 0..15 00 no aftertouch control of the volume
CHORUS CHORUS On/Off ON Chorus effect in on
  CRS RATE 0..127 92 high Chorus rate effect
LFO LFO RATE 0..127 39 LFO speed is moderately low
  LFO DELY 0..127 64 and some delay before LFO kicks in
ENV ENV T1 0..127 99 slow attack...
  ENV L1 0..127 68 medium level
  ENV T2 0..127 78 bit faster...
  ENV L2 0..127 127 max level
  ENV T3 0..127 75 just keep...
  ENV L3 0..127 127 max level
  ENV T4 0..127 92 slow release to level 0 after key release
  ENV KYBD 0..15 09 envelope is shorter at higher keys
Patch settings PARAM Possible values VALUE Explanation
Volume Volume 0..127 127 Max Volume
Modulation MOD. Sense 0..127 32 amount of vibrato controlled by the MOD WHEEL
Portamento Portamento ON/OFF OFF No slide to next note
  Porta. Time 1..127 20 (no effect here)
Pitch Key Shift -12..+12 0 no key shift
  Detune -63..+63 0 no detuning
Key Range Key Range Lo C0..C8 C 0 from lowest key...
  Key Range Hi C0..C8 C 8 ... to highest key
MIDI MIDI AFTER ON/OFF ON Responds to Keyboard Aftertouch
  MIDI BENDER ON/OFF ON Responds to Keyboard Pitch Bend Wheel
  MIDI EXCL ON/OFF ON MIDI Exclusive can be transmitted and received
  MIDI HOLD ON/OFF ON Responds to Keyboard Hold Pedal
  MIDI MOD ON/OFF ON Responds to Keyboard Modulation Wheel
  MIDI VOLUME ON/OFF ON Responds to Keyboard Volume Slider
  MIDI PORTA ON/OFF ON Responds to Keyboard Portamento on/off Button
Bend MONO BEND 0..12 12 Amount of response from a MIDI guitar bend
Mode CHORD MEM NO. 01..16 01 (no effect here)
  ASSIGN MODE mono/poly/chord poly polyphonic mode

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