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july 2015 - summer 2014 i switched to 'caustic' softstudio on an android device to compose music. songs 39 to 47 on the '100 purging popsongs' album were created using caustic. suddenly, one year later, i found that my music sounds much too polished and i'm missing the freaky experiments that just come natural with phoenixstudio. so summer 2015, i switched back to phoenix and decided to use caustic on a very irregular base, although i love the caustic interface and all of the possibilities. and maybe that is exactly my problem. too much possibilities. and old love never dies.

march 2015 - dumped the website system to something more useful and went to japan for a 5 weeks holiday in april and may on my own. unfortunately i did not find any funky cheapo second hand synths that i did not already have. went to the 5G shop in tokyo next to harajuku station which only sells vintage synths and saw some pretty amazing stuff for real. after japan i redesigned this website and finished rebuilding it at the beginning of july.

february 2014 - the webserver logfiles on show january had 6,000 visitors and 28,000 pageviews. the casio cz-5000 page was the most visited. i did not dump the website system as promised on the homepage, but rearranged some pages. i like these lazy solutions.

january 2014 - bought a korg d3200 multitrack harddisk recorder and layered six tb303's on top of each other because i can.

september 2013 - finished the 7 songs, they will appear on soundcloud at the end of the "cell phone synth" set one by one.

august 2013 - the mks-50 has arrived, which made me update the mks-pages. currently i have some 7 unfinished songs, so i'm going to work on these for the coming weeks.

july 2013 - after the mks-50 has arrived, the synth collection will be more or less complete. still composing with my digital pocket agenda though :) added a 'listen' button to some songs on the 100 short songs page.

march 2013 - working on the synth manual pages, especially the new casio cz-5000, what a great machine! also, i'm going to get rid of the website system and copy/paste the site to dreamweaver. the cms is good, but i don't really need it. the links to the pages will not change, so nobody will notice.

october 2012 - The exhibition in Amsterdam with visual artist 'Monster Incubator' and the exhibit with miek in America are finished, for both of which I composed the soundscapes. The Roland x0x synthesizer manual pages are more or less finished, so it's back to the study of analog synthesis. The website statistics show that the "synth manual pages" are very well visited!

Four months ago I started a "compose 100 short songs" project, song number 25 just got finished on the tinyloops mobile studio. The project will be concluded with a concert in september 2013