Programming the Roland TB-303

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This reference consists of the following chapters:

This "quick button reference" is meant to be exhaustive. I'm trying to give some insight on what buttons to press to achieve something in the process of programming the sequencer. The approach is an effort to bring some logic in the combination of workflow and button arrangement. The interface is not very intuitive, so you'll have to learn it.
See also the explanation about syncing the TB-303 with other Roland x0x gear (question #5 on the "quick results" page).

The "workflow" page is the starting point.
The "quick results" page is for when you're in a hurry ;)

The sequencer is only the lower part of the panel. Most of it actually.
The upper part is used for the manipulation of the sound, using 6 pots and 1 "waveform" switch on the back.

You can find pictures of its internals on the tinyloops website.

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