Programming the Roland TB-303

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Some focus points:
- the workflow follows the question: "Do you want to listen to (or create) a track, or one single pattern?"
- a track (=song) is made of patterns.
- look closely at the TB-303 layout: there is a MODE switch (write/play) and there are 3 MODE buttons (pitch, time and normal).
- when writing (=editing) the TB-303, please execute the first 4 steps during STOP state and in NORMAL mode*.


=> 1. MODE - TRACK/PATTERN switch to select track (=song) actions, or single pattern actions.
  => PLAY/WRITE selection of the MODE switch to select the play state, or the write (=edit) state
=> 2. TRACK/PATT.GROUP switch to select one of the 7 tracks, or one of the 4 pattern memories
=> 3. BAR/PATTERN buttons to select another bar in the track, or another pattern in memory
=> 4. only when in PATTERN WRITE: NORMAL, PITCH, TIME MODE buttons to select what kind of data to edit for this pattern
=> 5. STOP/RUN state to start, or stop the sequencer
=> 6. different button functions and undocumented features to execute an action

- "press" means press once and release.
- "hold" means while holding this button down, press another button. like how a shift key functions.
   buttons that can double as "hold" buttons are: PITCH MODE, the horizontal row from BAR onto and WRITE/NEXT.
- "D.C." => Da Capo is a musical term in Italian, meaning from the beginning.
- "D.S." => Dal Segno is used as a navigation marker, Italian for "from the sign": .

* for examples, when you don't:
- when you are editing the Pitch or Time of the notes in a Pattern, switching to PATTERN PLAY stays in PATTERN WRITE mode. So stop editing and press the NORMAL MODE button first.
- when you are playing a Pattern and you switch to PATTERN WRITE, you cannot start Real Time recording on the fly. Restart the sequencer by pressing the RUN/STOP button twice.

The 152x47 cm scroll I used to sort everything out (see hilites from the scroll).

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