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The monotribe is one heck of a performance machine. Just watch Korg Monotribe live Jam - Session 1 by Kid Schurke on Youtube.

gearspace: "It's cheap and cheerful and sounds good and it's fun.", "It's low pass filter is to kill for!"
modwiggler: Korg Monotribe modifications thread.


stopthesignal on Gearspace: You may be aware of this, but you can approximate both slides and accents using the following (admittedly fiddly) methods:

When writing your sequence, use active step to trim down to just the adjacent steps that you want the slide to span. Slow down the tempo if necessary to give you time to accurately perform the slide. Set the Range switch to Narrow or Wide depending on how far you want the slide to span (Narrow is the only way to really get accurate start and end notes, but you are of course limited to a pretty short range). Physically perform the slide on the touchstrip in time from the start note to the end note. Set the notes for the other steps in the sequence as desired. Make sure flux mode is on when you play back.

When you've got all the notes you want recorded in your sequence, first record a motion volume level for all steps of about 75% by, with recording active, holding the Active Step button and pressing down on the touchstrip somewhere around the A "key". Then with recording still active use active step to temporarily trim down to just the steps you want to be accented and record a motion volume level for those steps of 100% by holding the Active Step button and pressing down on the touchstrip all the way to the right. Enable all the steps in the sequence again to play it with the pseudo-accents you just created.

(korguser.net) step recording of synth parts by changing the active steps during recording. Turn flux mode off, and make sure only the first step of the sequence is the only one turned on. Hit record, and hold whatever note you want. Then, whilst recording, turn step two on, then step 1 off. Record the next note and so on. Flux mode is like quantise on and off, so having flux mode on records all pitch changes, slides etc for a given sequencer part, whereas having it off records only a single note per sequencer part. Having it turned on allows you to record and ply back pitch sweeps and other such things. My favourite new monotribe feature though is the CV gate input, which allows me to sequence it from my daw and play the monotribe with a midi keyboard.

The firmware of the Monotribe can be updated to version 2.11, which adds CV/Gate to the SYNC IN port.
Gravitronic reverse engineered the firmware.

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