Programming the Roland TB-303

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Thinking about letting the whole community use the app, and under what conditions. In the first place - I created it for myself.

What I would like to prevent is:
- being responsible for making backups,
- migrate (=keep) content when I decide to change base functionality,
- giving guarantees about the workings of the app,
- ending with 50 test accounts that turn out to be just empty, contain foul language or useless comments,
- moderating other people's content,
- change functionality because it doesn't work for someone.

In the case I would go public, I can make the registration open to everyone, or restrict this by creating a hurdle, like
- people have to email me first and I create the account,
- ask a small amount of money (in that case - need some "legal text" about responsibilities)

Let's do some more thinking. Suggestions are very welcome.

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