SIEL DK70 Manual

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A cheap looking polyphonic analogue synth with a quirky button arrangement. It's signal flow is more or less like a Korg EX800 (Poly-800), but it sounds totally different. It took me a lot of time to get the signal flow right and in a simple clear way. Drawing, redrawing, checking and re-adjusting.
SIEL also made a module of the DK70, named EXPANDER 80. The parameters differ with the DK70 only on some small details, but the signal flow and number of DCO's is the same. The expander module was also sold as the Suzuki SX-500, which was made for he Suzuki company (a company selling musical instruments teaching methods). The only thing SIEL changed is the logo sticker on the front panel. See pictures.


Function: SIEL DK70 SIEL EXPANDER 80, Suzuki SX-500
(velocity receive)
Global on/off setting on/off setting for every envelope generator (VCA A, B and Filter)

This means the MIDI CC-messages and SysX are a bit different for these settings for the keyboard and the expander.
For the other parts, they are exact copies.


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