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- This thing eats batteries. You need something that's 12 volts, center positive, and has an output of at least 1.5 amps. I found an adapter that Kentex makes for a copier/scanner.
- Keyboard isn't velocitysensitive but thru midi IT IS!
- The filter also reacts on midi-velocity (higher velocity is more open filter!!)
- I like the strings of preset 30 (with chorus+reverb from my promix)....the rest sucks! make your own sounds!
- A RAM card provides 50 extra preset-spaces; you need it if you want to use the synth, without a card only 10 preset-spaces are storeable.
- The only problem I have had were the rubber buttons that stopped reacting after a while, a good cleanse with alcohol resolved that problem.
- Similar models include the DK 80 which has a 5 octave keyboard (vs. 4), 12 voices, and bitimbral capabilities, and the Expander 80, which oddly seems to be a module version of the DK 70.
- I've used an old SIEL DK70 synth as midi-keyboard for my pc. It drew 1,5 amp at 12V, which made it less apt for portable usage.
- techical: (i reformatted the page for readability)

Korg Poly-800 - The block layout (of the DK70) is similar to the Poly-800, but the filters don't have that muddy Korg quality to them so the sound of the DK-70 is totally different.
DK80 - I found that the DK80 responds to some undocumented sysex message ;) Try to send him the request F0 21 00 nn F7 (with nn standing for the patch number) and it will dump the corresponding patch data. I am still stduying the content of the dump... Meanwhile the request F0 21 00 64 F7 seems to trigger a quite long message... maybe the sequencer data? (see MIDI page)

Siel EXPANDER 80 - technical
Siel Expander 80 resource - thanks for the signal flow chart! it really helped drawing mine
Korg EX800 - the Siel Expander 80 definately followed it. Internally, they share no common electronics - so it's no surprise they sound different
SUZUKI SX-500 - The Korg EX800 also had a chorus unit and a scratchpad sequencer - it even looked uncannily similar! Coincidence?

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