SIEL DK70 Manual - Signal Flow

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The front panel
- DCO = digitally controlled oscillator
- DEG = digital envelope generator ("env" in the schematics below)
- there's one LFO for the oscillators and one for the filter.
- there are different Envelope Generators for both the oscillators and one for the filter.
- there is no LFO for the VCA (vibrato) and no EG for the oscillators (space sounds).

Panels of both DK70 and Expander 80

The flow on the front panel
The sound path is: [OSCILLATOR (DCO)] => [AMPLIFIER (VCA)] => [FILTER (VCF)]

Sound generation:
- green: oscillators (a and b)
- grey: noise
- red: oscillator modulator (lfo1)

- light yellow: amp
- yellow: amp modulator for osc, noise and filter

- purple: filter
- red: filter cutoff modulator (lfo2)

Schematic flow of the synthesizer
The sound path is: [OSCILLATOR (DCO)] => [AMPLIFIER (VCA)] => [FILTER (VCF)]

The 3 Envelope Generators (DEG)

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